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Cypress Ltd. helps clients stay at the forefront of innovation through both its research and engineering work with emerging technologies for major utilities and technology innovators. We are committed to acting on behalf of our clients to recommend and help deliver their efficiency and sustainable energy goals. As a trusted energy advisor, we have been delivering efficiency, demand management and sustainable programs, technical and business consulting, and customer support services for the past 25 years. Cypress works with utilities and manufacturers of energy efficient and energy demand savings technologies in a few application areas to assess potential utility savings and the technology’s fit in customer applications.  Out of the many technology companies with which we work, Cypress will suggest some of the more innovative and cost effective ideas in our Energy Advisor offering in order to help deliver client goals for electric, gas and water  cost savings. The primary outcome of our energy advisory process is to provide business solutions that deliver results that are focused on sustainability, lower utility costs, and operational improvements and importantly, the right technology. Some of the technologies we have reviewed include the following: Industrial Vortex Generators for: Ice Rinks – RealIce , Cooling Towers, Aeration – Waste Treatment, Irrigation – Water Savings, Aquaculture, Process Mixing and Separation



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