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Program Management & Fulfillment - Cypress, Ltd.

The Cypress Customer Service Center in Hemet, CA, maintains a network of 50 workstations, interactive database software and documented workflow processes to deliver:Cynet diagram

  • Required procedures of application processing and verification
  • Energy Efficiency measure verification and customer participation tracking
  • Efficiency knowledge hotline and online customer support
  • Rebate payment options
  • Best in class security practices
  • Secure informational dashboards

We track real-time sign-ups, energy savings and work process flow with on-demand access to program information through our database and available dashboards.

Cypress Service Center MonitorsCypress has developed and is using its IDSM technology platform, CyNET™, to deliver energy efficiency and demand program needs. A highly flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and rebate-processing asset, CyNET is scalable to meet the needs of our clients. We have used this platform to successfully deliver energy efficiency and demand programs. Learn more about CyNET and its capabilities.

Customer Service Center Services and Tools:

  • National toll-free telephone number
  • Bilingual CSRs
  • Easy and accurate data transfer and migration
  • Integrated efficiency and demand measures library
  • Integrated Web mapping & GIS
  • Merchant banking and payment systems
  • Pay rebates directly or provide utility a link to database
  • Wide range of payment options
    • Electronic check processing
    • Instant online digital cash payments
    • Telephone credit card payments
    • Recurring payments, ACH
    • Credit transactions
  • Reporting and dashboard tools
  • Marketing ROI reporting
  • Workflow management and Data auditing


CSC Website/Electronic Interactions
Metric Performance Metric Performance
Service Calls Answered 92% in 30 seconds E-contact and/or phone 98% in 8 hours
Call Abandoned Rate 2% or less E-mail acknowledgement 98% in 12 hours
System Availability 99.9% Website Interaction Capability 99%
% Inquiries Handled on 1st Contact 90% % Requiring Phone Intervention 25%
Call Recording Up to 100% Security Monitoring 24/7 real-time


Cypress Storing of info and security

The CSC maintains information in a separate and unique database to both provide redundancy and minimize back door security issues. Our databases are backed up in real time and also backed up to both a local server and an off-site servers through fully automated and monitored backup procedures. All paper applications and attachments are stored onsite or in a secure offsite storage for the duration of the program contact and then can be shipped or delivered to the utility. See Data Security & Privacy.



Cypress-Reporting & Dashboards


Ability to track, calculate and produce real-time or monthly/annual reports for a multitude of metrics.

We can report on a myriad of data points including call times, service levels, rebate status, applicant types, reject or duplicate applications, savings by measure and budget levels/remaining funds. All information is auditable, and we keep electronic archives on and off site and hard copy files onsite.