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Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center - Cypress, Ltd.

Service & Data Center Resource – Hemet, CA

Our 24/7/365 bilingual Customer Service Center (CSC), located in Hemet, California, is at the heart of the administration of utility energy efficiency and demand programs and other related services that we offer.

Customer Service Center Capabilities

  • Cypress Service Center Network

    “High Touch” support for each customer, the entire market value chain and utilities

  • Residential, commercial and industrial customer support
  • Rebate verification, fulfillment and processing
  • Work order creation and dispatch to field personnel for verification
  • Merchant banking payment systems & incentive processing and payment
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Online, 800# help desk support and chat
  • Training of contractors and team members on programs, tools and procedures
  • Marketing services, focus groups and research

The Cypress Customer Service Center difference

Cypress Customer Services CenterRapid Customization

We designed our CSC to handle constant adjustments in utility program design and customer needs. Our staff understands utility rebate programs, rates, and efficiency education and can be trained on new programs in a very short time frame. This allows the CSC to adapt with changing market conditions, to quickly integrate new rebate measures and program guides and to scale or add programs in days. Additionally, our CyNET database system software can be changed quickly to meet evolving requirements. Learn more about CyNET and our CSC tools.


High Customer “Touch”

Cypress Customer Service Center, Hemet, CA

Our US-based staff spends as much time as it takes with each customer to achieve customer satisfaction and utility objectives. It also relates to our performance focused around enrollment rates, customer understanding, customer “delight” and regulatory reporting.

Our rebate processing service is designed to cost effectively support the customer outreach, application processing, verification, inspection, reporting and the maintenance of records (both hard-copy and digital) and reports to allow IDSM services to deliver incentives specified by each program timely and accurately.

Comprehensive Utility Training

Our customer service representatives (CSRs) are specifically trained to handle a host of complex utility-related questions, programs and processes.

  • Utility history, organization, policies and procedures
  • All rates (residential, time-of-use, commercial, solar)
  • Invoice analysis, metering, conservation techniques
  • Rebates, fulfillment of all programs specifications
  • ISDM advice and EE program criteria
Cypress Customer Service CenterFor more detail on how we successfully deliver complex energy efficiency and demand programs, please see our Program Management and Fulfillment page.



Rebate fulfillmentWe verify that tall documentation and program policies are met, and use a range of payment methods including. Online, gift cards (Tango, Amazon, etc), Paypal, debit cards, and yes checks too.