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The Cypress database technology platform handles large volumes of data and supports the searching, distributing and analysis of information. Information can be accessed through our local network with our Customer Service Center and remotely through secure web portals and handheld devises.  Our information processing capability allows access to program data in simple, reliable and scalable processes that ensures our ability to adapt to new applications.

For Energy Markets

For our utility customers it enables the planning, day-to-day execution, tracking and reporting of all facets of utility programs based on our proven knowledge-based solutions. Key processes such as measure libraries and savings calculation tools, work flow and reporting tools, database management, rebate verification & processing, call center integration, and related services are all part of our proven technology platform. Cypress has developed and is using its Integrated Demand Side Management *(IDSM) technology platform, CyNET™ to deliver energy efficiency, peak load reduction and permanent shift programs a variety of utility clients such as:  PG&E, SCE and SDG&E, Imperial Irrigation District, Boulder County CO and other clients. Get an overview of CyNET.


Expertise of our information technology team:

Our support staff are highly qualified to provide our clients with the required technical resources and have expertise in Databases, IT Networks, Websites and eMarketing and Iphone/IPad mobile device applications. In addition, key support staff are FileMaker certified, MySQL Certified, Microsoft certified as a CISSP (Computer Information System Security Professional), CISM (Computer Information Security Manager) and COMPTI A+ certified. We have a broad knowledge and competency in core hardware and operating system technologies including installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance and advanced networking.

Utility Market Database Examples

  • Call Center customer service software
    • Capable of handling multiple sets of utility specific customer data
    • Track, identify and report on incoming and outgoing phone inquiries by customer utilities, address and premise numbers
  • Wireless revenue meter monitoring and alerting published to a live web-based mapping solution
  • Integration of EE Measures, Multiple Utility Incentives, Engineering Data
  • Web forms for Program Applications
  • OMS (Outage Management System)
  • UMMS (Underground Maintenance Management System)
  • Utility Customer Rebate Tracking Software

Marketing Project Management

  • Enterprise marketing process task based project management solution
  • Customer Survey Forms and Analysis for behavior change initiatives
  • Web enabled Project Order form for Marketing Communications
  • Secure web log-in department level Order forms, project status and list views
  • Web and database content upload and download project specific management modules
  • Fully integrated web and database solution for single entry processing and reporting
  • Project archiving and retrieval solution with database and Web access