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Cypress has developed and is using its Integrated Demand Side Management *(IDSM) technology platform, CyNET™ to deliver energy efficiency, peak load reduction and permanent shift programs to a variety of utilities including: PG&E, SCE and SDG&E, Imperial Irrigation District, Boulder County CO and other clients. For our utility customers CyNET enables the planning, day-to-day execution, tracking and reporting of all facets of utility programs. Databases such as measure libraries and savings calculation tools, work flows and reporting tools, rebate verification & processing and call center integration, and related services are all part of our proven technology platform.

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Cypress has experience in supporting efficiency and demand reduction programs that demand a spectrum of requirements for eligibility, market campaign management, coordination among various market channels partners and fulfillment of incentives to customers. We have developed a flexible IT platform of web-based tools and databases called CyNET that delivers seamless utility program administration, tracking, reporting, workflow management and fulfillment.

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Data Security & Privacy

The Customer Service Center maintains information in a separate and unique database to both provide redundancy and minimize back door security issues. Our databases are backed up in real time and also backed up to both a local server and an off-site servers through fully automated and monitored backup procedures. All paper applications and attachments are stored onsite or in a secure offsite storage for the duration of the program contact and then can be shipped or delivered to the utility. See Data Security & Privacy.