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Zen rock spiral on blueCypress, Ltd. has served clients for more than 23 years as an energy-consulting firm that simplifies the development and execution of efficiency and demand solutions for electric, gas and water utilities and their customers. Our primary focus is on what is important to customers who want to realize cost-effective reductions in utility-related operational costs as well as demonstrating the advantages of energy efficiency and demand saving technologies and behaviors to those who have yet to realize their benefits. We serve clients from our California, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado locations and through key strategic partners.

For our utility customers, we are able to achieve the highest possible program participation rates at the greatest cost effectiveness. We have first-hand knowledge and expertise on not only what needs to be done, but more importantly, we understand the critical element of how to arrive at maximum impact.

We deliver:

  • Utility Cost Savings: Energy Efficiency, Peak Reduction, Water and Natural Gas
  • Water Energy Nexus
  • Emerging Technology Assessments and Consultation

Corporate Responsibility

Cypress has helped utilities and their customers realize significant energy and demand savings through the many programs that we have delivered. Cypress not only provides comprehensive offerings of energy savings and demand reduction to reduce greenhouse gasses, but we are also dedicated to the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) in everything we do. We are committed to strong partnerships with our employees, clients and neighbors to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of the communities that we serve and our planet. Our internal processes and policies focus on reducing or eliminating waste, energy and pollution.

Cypress is committed to responsible marketing, where the overall marketing plan, marketing collateral and printing are all developed and delivered with the most environmentally friendly practices and strategies possible. Cypress also works closely with Rhizome Images, a stock photography company that focuses on energy and sustainability in their images. Each image purchased donates trees to through

We are a certified small business, and we partner with other small businesses and certified MBE, WBE and DVBE.


  • Creates an easy-to-do-business-with atmosphere.
  • Will always be ethical, honest, and in keeping with the best sustainable business practices.
  • Will not compete with our clients and partners in the marketplace.
  • Remains committed to focusing on our client needs and expanding its understanding of technologies, markets and the value-chains required to deliver results.
  • Continuously improves its execution of complex efficiency and demand management programs.
  • Continuously provides sound business methods to help users and providers of efficiency technologies understand the value of efficiency and motivate them to participate in efficiency programs.