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Who we support

Cypress, Ltd. delivers efficiency, demand management and sustainable programs, technical and business consulting, and customer support services. We support:

  • Investor and municipal owned utility associations, and special utility districts
  • The commercial, industrial, institution/government, education and residential customer markets
  • Energy value chain participants such as manufacturers, distributors, contractors and the technical design community

How we do it

Cypress Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center

Our 24/7/365 US-based bilingual Customer Service Center (CSC), is at the heart of the administration of our utility energy efficiency and demand program service. We deliver high-quality participation tracking, rebate and application processing, detailed and customized reporting, and “real-time” informational dashboards.

Cypress Consulting


We provide utilities and energy efficiency technology manufacturers assistance in delivering programs and validating emerging technologies, provide vendors with sound business information and insight, and assist end-users to achieve proven energy savings.